Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dharmalars @ Comic Con '05

Travel back to a time when there was only one lost podcast. Ryan and Jenn had just started up the Transmission. Fans were left sitting on the edge of their seat, during that season 1 cliffhanger of Jack and Locke staring down the seemingly empty void of the Hatch. This was our first summer hiatus and we would have to wait 4 months to find out who or what was down in that dark Bunker.

A year before Ben and Ralph started the Dharmalars Podcast, they attended the Lost Panel at the San Diego Comic Con. After sitting through 45 minutes of "Invasion", Ralph and Ben were treated to a fun Q and A with the producers of Lost as well as stars Maggie Grace and Josh Holloway. Previously thought to be Lost, the footage was recovered and it is our pleasure to bring you The Dharmalars at Comic Con 2005!

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Dharmalars @ Comic Con 2005


stephsmith said...

What's the fun of being first if it's this easy? Awe, being first is great no matter what. Remember, second place is the first loser. I'm bored, at work, and can't see the video.

stephsmith said...

Watched on my way to work.
Wow. Just think about how little we knew back then. People complain we don't get answers.
Why was Javier fired? I wasn't following the show then.

Ralph- said...

i believe that he left the show on his own. i dont think he was fired. i am not sure for sure, but i know that the internet has the answer.

memphish said...

Steph, For all questions Javi you can check out Radio Free Javi.


MB said...

Thanks for the video!! Good stuff!

BTW - anyone know what's up with the scott and steve blog? I'm getting an Earthlink page which says "The website you're looking for cannot be found." WTF (this is Monday BTW @4:20 PDT)

MB said...

Maybe it's b/c of 4:20