Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dharmalars Lost Score Revisit 5

This week on the 'Lars Lost Score Jimmy reminds us of what to expect from our old mate Desmond, before finishing up on a spicey note!

City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra: Dune
Click Here To Listen:
Lost Score Revisited 5


Ralph- said...

BONUS!!! thanks Jimmy........Thimmy

PalmerEldritch said...

jimmy, thanks for the playlist. much appreciated!

casey_donahue said...

awesome thanks jimmy, this will be a nice little distraction from my paper writing

Jimmy said...

No worries, guys, Palmer, I will post the prior playlists and let yoj know specifically when...soon.

PalmerEldritch said...

thanks, jimmy. you play a lot of music that i'm interested in checking out.