Friday, April 06, 2007

Left Behind

The Dharmalars return, this time with Engineer Jeff, to bring you their points of view on episode 3x15 of LOST. Jimmy has fallen sick this week and will not be able to put out a segment. Hopfully he will be able to make his triumphant return for his special Monday show. Get well soon, bro. We have a few more calls for Producer Ryan's going away and some great call for the You All Everybody Segment.

Showdown- E.L.O.
Hot Night- Laura Branigan
American Gladiators- Bill Conte
Blackbird- Tony Sandler/Ralph Young
He's A Mighty Good Leader- Beck
Theme From the Tiki Wonder Hour- Combustable Edison

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Left Behind


memphish said...

This one comment is for Ben. I hope he can manage to get through it even though it's not on a BBS. Hope you both enjoy Grindhouse.


Taylor said...

Wait, what was it you guys could hear me saying? Was it even me you were referencing? :)

Ralph- said...

i dont remember what i said, i may have not been paying attention.

musepsycho said...

I think Cassidy is "him"

stephsmith said...

Let us know about Grindhouse. And don't just say it was awesome. Elaborate.

Ralph- said...

Grindhouse was fucking brilliant. you have to be sure to go into it knowing that you are going to be seeing two full feature length movies. QTs movie come second and is more wordy than action so it will start to drag a bit. The trailers for Don't and Thankgiving are freaking sensational. the Rob Zombie trailer is funny but the weakest of the 3. Rodriguez' trailer for Machette is probably the most fun of all, and a great way to start of the EXPERIENCE. the soundtrack on both of them are AMAZING. Naveen Andrews has an interesting hobby in Planet Terror and Freddy Rodriguez is a total Badass. Michael Beihn is in my top 10. not a fan of Rose McGowan, but she was pretty cool.


gonna go see it next weekend at the drive in.

stephsmith said...

Hmm. Isn't QT's expected to be superior to RR's? Interesting. I may end up seeing this one after all. I heard the trailer for Thanksgiving is phenomenal.

Mike Campbell said...

Grindhouse was amazing. I loved all of the Previews that they had in it. I think Thanksgiving was my favorite although Machette was amazing. I am pissed i liked Thanksgiving cause i hate Eli Roth. I was evenb angrier when he was in the movie. Naveen was good in it.

Sara said...

hey guys, i just left you a voicemail that probably didn't make much sense. i realized that i used a lostcasts reference in it at the end, not a dharmalars one. damnit. anyway, i love you.

Ralph- said...

i have never listened to lost casts so i wont know the reference. maybe i should check out their show. we love you back.

Mike Campbell said...

Lostcasts is ok but they are serous about it. And when they try to be funny they fail. And fail hard. Viva la Ralph and Ben added humor to our lost sickness :)

A dubs said...
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