Friday, April 27, 2007


One year ago the Dharmalars did their first episode, S.O.S. and it is fitting that their one year anniversary is a review of D.O.C.. Join Ben and Ralph as they celebrate their first year anniversary, talk about D.O.C. and listen in on some fantastic calls from You All Everybody.

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Fight For Your Right- The Beastie Boys
Beat Girl- John Barry
Breed- Nirvana
Pipeline- Lively Ones
Theme to the Tiki Wonder Hour- Combustible Edison

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Jacob said...
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Jacob said...

Dude - The guy who played Uncle Rico is the same guy from Real Genius.

memphish said...

Return of Dre! Yeah!


stephsmith said...

ralph-, it's Jorge's birthday today.

Ralph- said...

i will send him a message.

Benjamin said...

My mind is blown, Jacob. I thought I had misidentified the actor when I saw he was Uncle Rico. That is some crazy shit.