Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dharmalars Announcement

Ralph and Ben discuss the ALL NEW Dharmalars Feed and get Ramped up for Season 3: Second Pod.

Dharmaline: 206.338.4261

Dharmalars Announcement

Friday, January 19, 2007

Dharmalars @ The Price Is Right!

Set your DVR to record The Price is Right, January 24th on CBS and watch the Dharmalars as they get called to "Come On Down!" or not. There is pretty much zero LOST content in this edition of the "Lars", but we do get a great music segment from Seattle Jimmy as we guide you through our experience at the Fabulous Sixty Minute Showcase!!! We know that we are a LOST podcast, but hey, we are in hiatus.

Dharmalars @ The Price is Right

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Dharmalars: Open For Business!

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Jimmy's TPIR Recon Mission

Jimmy does some early The Price Is Right recon before the Dharmalars big TPIR show!

Jimmy's TPIR Recon Mission

Nintendo LOST Mii

Air Date: 12.30.06

Ralph shows you how to make your very own LOST characters on the Nintendo Mii Channel.


I Do

Air Date: 12.20.06

Ben and Ralph discuss I Do several weeks after the episode had aired. Due to the fact that they are in the middle of the hiatus, the enthusiams is not that great.

I Do

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Cost of Living

Air Date: 11.04.06

Ben and Ralph discuss episode 3x05 of LOST and give a fond farewell to Mr. Eko. Jimmy discusses Kate's theme, and we get some great in depth calls from the loyal listeners. Enjoy The Dharmalars' first cliffhanger moment.

The Cost of Living

Dharmalars Halloween '06

Air Date: 10.31.06

Happy Halloween from the Dharmalars.

Halloween 06

Every Man for Himself

Air Date: 10.26.06

Trick or Treat with the Dharmalars! In this spooky edition of the podcast Ben and Ralph discuss episode 3x04 of LOST. Jimmy discusses the Giacchino/Barry connection and we get some scaretastic calls on the Dharmaline, including a call from someone we all know and love.

Every Man for Himself

Further Instructions

Air Date: 10.19.06

Ben and Ralph disagree on what they thought about Episode 3x03 of LOST. We get a look into a minimalist's point of view from Jimmy as well as a preview of things to come.

Further Instructions

The Glass Ballerina

Air Date: 10.12.06

Ben and Ralph discuss Episode 3x2 of LOST. We get another great music segment from Jimmy in Seattle as well as some wonderful calls from the Dharmalars listeners!

The Glass Ballerina

A Tale of Two Cities

Air Date: 10.05.06

Ben and Ralph- post thier first "post LOST episode" of the Dharmalars. In today's episode they discuss the season premiere of Season 3, A Tale of Two Cities. We also get our first music segment from Seattle Jimmy.

A Tale of Two Cities

Flight 815 Impressions

Air Date: 09.24.06

Back in late September Ralph and Ben do their best Desmond and Kate impressions for Tucker and Johnny over at the Flight 815 Survivors Podcast.

Flight 815 Impressions

Season 3 Pre-Show

Air Date: 09.23.06

The Dharmalars check in one last time before the LOST season 3 premiere.

Season 3 Pre-Show

Dharmalars Orientation

Air Date: 09.12.06

The Dharmalars Orientation Video/Film

Dharmalars Orientation

Dharmalars Holiday Special

Air Date: 08.31.06

The Dharmalars review the LOST Season 2 DVD! Join Ben and Ralph on an enchanted holiday adventure filled with joy, mirth and good will toward men. Happy Holidays from the Dharmalars!

Holiday Special

Dharmalars @ Comic Con '06

Air Date: 07.28.06

Enter the "Mystical Land of Nerd" with your guides Ben and Ralph. The Dharmalars discuss everything you missed at the San Diego Comic Con International. Our apologies to Thom Maurer, the greatest Dharmalars fan whose name we forgot.

Dharmalars @ Comic Con 06

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dharmalars: Episode Two (potty mouths)

Air Date: 07.10.06

the latest episode of Dharmalars pushes the explicit tag to the limit! Ralph, Ben and Ryan discuss their own set of lists, while trying to keep the conversation from becoming too "blue". Please enter the last 50 seconds at your own risk!

Dharmalars Episode 2

Dharmalars: Episode One

Air Date: 06.06.06

Instead of getting a good night sleep, Ben and Ralph- meet at the LaPalma Recording Studio to bring you the first episode of Dharmalars. There is a very special appearence by our resident laugher, "The Other Ryan". Ralph- and Ben discuss their failed predictions from the Lost season two finale, Damon and Carlton's reaction to a hard hitting question as well as some non lost junk. They should have probably gotten some more rest.

Dharmalars Episode 1

Season 2 Finale Predictions

Air Date: 5.29.06

With the SAS back in place, Ben and Ralph give their thoughts on the Season 2 Finale of LOST. The thing is, the episode had not aired yet.

Finale Predictions


Air Date: 04.26.06

The first ever recording of the Dharmalars. Ben and Ralph record under the guise of Scott and Steve as a tribute to MYOKOMw/SAS. Join them as they fight to bring back the SAS.

Save Our Sas