Friday, April 13, 2007

One Of Us

This week on the 'Lars, Ben and Ralph discuss the Juliette-centric episode "One of Us". We get the triumphant return of Seattle Jimmy's Lost Score segment! Ralph discusses his upcoming guest hosting spot on 's Podcast this coming week. We get into some really great feedback in the You All Everybody (a tribute to the transmission) segment and are joined by Engineer Kelly.

Hit That- The Offspring
Bang On- The Propellerheads
Real Raw- Dr. Octagon
On Top- The Killers
One Eyed Monkey- Combustible Edison

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One Of Us


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! First post! :D But it's not on the iTunes yet, so I'll be patient and listen later. Maybe in the AM as *yawn* I am so ready to crash out!

Ralph- said...

it should be up by now.

memphish said...

Ben is the Milo Minderbinder of LOST with his hooker island math.


Anonymous said...

Yup...came up just before I shut down my comp. So I downloaded and am listening now.

It's effin allllll about Juliet's back! :D

Benjamin said...

Maybe that Juliet's back scene was to show us what a masterpiece the Others had defaced.

Holli, what's good for the hooker island syndicate is good for everyone! Everyone has a share.

casey_donahue said...

its so spacious over here