Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dharmalars Lost Score Revisit 7

With just a few episodes to go before the end of the Season, Jimmy points out a couple of themes that now seem devoted purely to one character, as well as an element from an old favorite. Kick back with a cup of tea for 7 minutes and forget about your troubles...

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Credit Where Credit is Due (Season 1)

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Dharmalars Lost Score Revisit 7


stephsmith said...


Ralph- said...

Jimmy, you just saved my ass! thanks. awesome as usual.

Our Making Of video podcast should be up by tomorrow.

Jimmy said...

Steph, Always 1st in my book :)

Ralph...no worries...sorry been so buried. We are on the final push :)

Ralph- said...

i am just glad we have content today, that snag on the video set me back a bit. it really gives me some breathing room.

back to work. :)

stephsmith said...

Jimmy, I'm blushing.