Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Economist

Are you into Math? if the answer is YES, then you are in for a treat! If the answer is NO, then you can take advantage of the chapter selection function on this episode and skip the boring calculations of the Time Space Continuum, that was explored in The Economist! We get another great segment from Jimmy and a TON of calls on the Dharmaline. Did we mention Karaoke?!

We Have all the Time in the World - Louis Armstrong
Who wants to Live Forever - Queen
Ride Like the Wind - Christopher Cross/Michael McDonald
You Want it Back - Propellerheads
No Hard Feelings - Bloodhound Gang
Sentimental Journey - Esquivel
Africa - "Ghostwatch" Chris!

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The Economist


Avalanche Man said...

Just listened to your podcast on the Economist. Interesting discussion on time, but I think it might be incorrect to assume that the time differential between the "real world" and the island is constant. Faraday insists that they take the exact same trajectory back to the carrier, perhaps time is only constant along certain bearings.

M. Arthur Paria said...

Sayid cannot get away from being the evil person, e.g. torturer or hitman. He is not a hitman for Ben out of choice. I'm betting that he is under Ben's control in order to keep the innocents on the island safe or to keep the Oceanic 6 safe.

NerdAlert NerdAlert said...

First, Ralph and Ben, if you guys didn't point out every bad review it wouldn't drive me to read them. You should ignore the haters.

Second, for everyone who complains about Producer Ryan or Dre or whatever... nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you listen. You are more than welcome to make your own perfect podcast.

Bradley said...

go back to when desmond brought down the plane. There was a printout with the crash date. I don't have the episode but see how this relates to your time discussion.

M. Arthur Paria said...