Friday, February 29, 2008

The Constant

The Dharmalars are a little speechless this week. They try to discuss The Constant, but are too stunned by the episode to come up with any brain busting theories. Jimmy is out this week so Ralph decides to give his own interpretation of the Lost Score and The Dharmaline gets flooded with awesomeness!!!

Did we mention Karaoke?!

Believe it or Not - Joey Scarbury
Flubber (end credits) - Danny Elfman
Morning Dance - Spyro Gyra
Cominagetcha - Propellerheads
Bohemian Rhapsody - "Tone Deaf" Steve

Click Below To Download:


M. Arthur Paria said...

Do some of the 815ers actually know what is going on on the island because they "jumped"? I think Jack and Locke might actually know what's going on in certain episodes, including the very first episode (they "eye-zoom" when Jack wakes up during the plane crash is very similar to the eye-zoom with Desmond and the "So It Begins Modisode" hints to this). Locke knows when it rains. Jack's "flash-forward" in the Season III finale, may actually be a flashback. He's listening to Nirvana, he's wearing the same Ray-Bans he was wearing before his wedding, he driving a Land Rover Defender 90, his dad is still alive, and he has a beard.

Just a thought...OH and it may be the reason why they didn't say "Previously on LOST"

redrabbitblue said...

Hey guys with all the Ryan bashin of late I came up with a funny idea. How about a Ryan laugh track on loop, ala The Crickets...