Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Larst Podcast

"The Lars" Episode 2 - On this episode of the Lars, Ben calls in sick and Ralph gives cross country podcasting a try with his Co-Hosts Jack and Jay, from the "Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack" as well as "Jay and Jack's Ramblecast". Join the unlikely trio as they talk about everything from "Out of this World" to "The Great Escape". There is another great Lars Line Segment as well as all new Movie Reviews and suggestions for movies to Stick in your Queue! Sorry about the strange audio quality, but we are new at this Cross Country Podcast Recording.


Rhythm Bandits- Junior Senior
Damn Good Times- They Might Be Giants
Pick Up The Pieces- Average White Band
Anaheim- They Might Be Giants
Narrow Your Eyes- They Might Be Giants
Sentimental Journey- Esquivel

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The Larst Podcast


PalmerEldritch said...

Ralph + Jay + Jack?!

Nice. Two great podcasting tastes that go great together.

Looking forward to listening to the podcast. And getting my sweet sweet Dharmalars swag in the mail.

Ralph- said...

You gotta get a pic of you in the shirt doing something crazy so we can put it up on our site.

PalmerEldritch said...

any idea when the shirts will be ready to ship?

Ralph- said...

palmer, i am not sure, i will contact Sam and find out.

Mike Campbell said...

Lets hope before july so i can repersent the Lars in switzerland :)