Friday, March 23, 2007

The Man From Tallahassee

Ralph and Ben talk about Locke, Cooper, Ben Linus and the rest! Jimmy talks about the Medal of Honor Video Game connection to this weeks' Locke-centric episode and we get a lot of "happy campers" calling in to the dharmaline! Enjoy the show, be sure to Digg us and vote for us for the Second Annual Hugo Cup!

Lost in Space- John Williams/Apollo 440
Rude Boy Rock- Lionrock
Hotel Yorba- The White Stripes
Namaste- The Beastie Boys
Le Fini- Ursula 1000

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The Man From Tallahassee


PalmerEldritch said...

first! looking forward to the podcast appearing in iTunes sometime soon. for now, sweet sweet sleep. in the morning, it's DHARMALARS time.

thanks for podcasting, guys.

Ralph- said...

its totally good to go!

stephsmith said...

Good music. Is it new segment music? Or have you been doing this the entire time?

Ralph- said...

We use different music every week for each segment. I have a list of about 30 songs that are in heavy rotation for the You All Everybody segment. i tend to use the same music a lot for that segment. i think the difference this week, is that i put more of a bumper before each chapter, so that the music could be showcased a little more. check the playlist for artist info.

stephsmith said...

the bumper music- I didn't know what to call it

Chan said...

holy crap, if Michael Giacchino emailed Jimmy from Seattle, does that mean he listens to the podcast?

PalmerEldritch said...

if not, he should.

i thought that ralph had e-mailed Giacchino, and Giacchino had responded (which is pretty fantastic). that said, ralph should send a note about the podcast to Mr. Giacchino. at the least, he'd probably get a kick out of listening to Jimmy and Ralph identifying (and occasionally mis-identifying) characters' themes.

and if Mr. Giacchino wanted to get wasted and call in like Kim and Aimee have, then that certainly would be something I'd enjoy.

Ralph- said...

believe me, i have.

but i dont want to be too overbearing. i am sure he is busy.

Sunloc said...

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